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W&T Zippers - World-Class Quality

Brands are selecting W&T zippers for their quality and service. W&T selects the finest grade materials and produces zippers using advanced equipment to produce quality zippers that meet rigorous international quality standards.



Quality Components For Your Brand

Sliders are the touch point of quality zippers. W&T creates custom pulls with a broad range of sliders to create zipper closures that enhance the performance and appearance of your products.

Pulls and Accessories

Custom Accessories

W&T Accessories For Superior Functionality

Molded accessories bring out the best in any product where performance counts. W&T uses only the best materials to build "tough-as-the-task" accessories.

Focused On Customers Needs Since 1983

For nearly 30 years performance apparel brands have selected W&T zippers for product quality and reliability as well as superior service.

W&T zippers are enhancing the reliability of performance products designed for the most demanding of conditions. High performance requires the highest standards of all components. And zippers are no exception. In extreme conditions a blown out zipper is not just an inconvenience - it can be dangerous.

W&T is the brand of choice for the world's most demanding performance labels. Join some of the best brands on the planet by building W&T's reliability into your products today.

Our Mission

"To produce high quality zippers supported by world-class service – even after the sale"


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