Coil Zippers (Nylon)

Coil zippers are strong, light in weight and flexible enough for wide range of applications, like garments, backpacks, suitcases and tents. Moreover, coil zippers are a platform for designers to develop creativity. Customized patterns on zipper tapes or metallic effect on teeth achieves the distinctive look designers seek. Laminating reflective film can allow your product being recognizable even in dark.

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Plastic Zippers

Plastic zippers are known for their durability, and consistently reliable performance. They function well under extreme climate conditions and harsh environments. Plastic zippers are commonly applied in heavy weighted garments like military wear, ski wear, heavy-duty work uniforms or any outdoor application where strength and durability are specified. W&T utilizes 3D injection molds to ensure quality. They are also suitable for various color combination.

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Metal Zippers

Metal zippers are time tested. In fact, the first zippers were made of metal. Nowadays, metal zippers are mostly used in fashion industry. Products like jeans, jackets, purse and boots are common. Being a socially responsible suppliers, we carefully select materials that are nickel and AZO free.

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